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PROsystem uređaj - Isušivanje kapilarne vlage - Damp protection - Kaz doo

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Sanja MaricSanja Maric
08:49 26 Oct 22
Satisfied with the service, kindness and most of all with the fact that the smell of moisture disappeared in less than 24 hours, I recommend KAZ D.O.O. to everyone who has problems with moisture, I, as a skeptic, have convinced myself that it really works! And of course thanks to the young gentleman who installed the device and for not having a nervous breakdown as far as I can tell, he was really kind and accommodating!..
Ivan BogatiIvan Bogati
18:57 16 Oct 22
Extremely satisfied! From expertise during assessment, explanation and installation to very quick results in just a few days after installing the device. They will not install a device at any cost, they are very clear about what they offer and what they can solve. The smell of moisture left us quickly, within a month everything was dry. Any recommendation.
Marina B.M.Marina B.M.
08:32 28 Jun 22
Professional and friendly staff. The problem of capillary moisture has finally been eliminated. The guys diagnosed everything quickly and provided an excellent solution. Thank you very much!
Ivan BosnjakIvan Bosnjak
15:33 31 May 22
Top professionals who solve problems almost immediately. They come to the home address, detect the problem and provide a solution immediately. I definitely recommend the system to solve all moisture problems.
tomislav buhinicektomislav buhinicek
13:50 16 Jan 19
They came in no time and solved the problem! The smell of damp disappeared, and the walls became dry. All recommendations!
PROsystem uređaj - Isušivanje kapilarne vlage - Damp protection - Kaz doo
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Advantages of PROsystem

It dries and protects your building, prevents its degradation and increases its material value.

Do you need help with drying capillary moisture or do you have a question?

Simple installation

Fast, simple installation without construction interventions and without anodes and wires in the wall structure.

Effective protection

The first results are already visible a few days after the installation of the PROsystem system.

Minimal intervention

PROsystem requires minimal intervention after installation in the room of your building.

Low energy

Dry capillary moisture with minimal electricity costs.

Noiseless work

Prevent the degradation of the building in silence. PROsystem works without noise and sound disturbances.

Doesn't change the design

With dimensions of 150 x 80 x 64 mm, the device fits into any space and does not change its design.

Would you like to protect the
building from degradation?

Install PROsystem and save your building from capillary damp.

PROsystem uređaj - Isušivanje kapilarne vlage - Damp protection - Kaz doo

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