Changes due to drying

After the installation of PROsystem and the gradual disappearance of moisture from the walls, the material can be shed because the moisture does not bind it. And thicker parts of paint and plaster harden like an eggshell and break under pressure.

This is a consequence of delamination, which can occur while applying new plaster if it is not remedied beforehand (capillary moisture), especially with concrete plasters that do not allow water to evaporate during setting, so the applied materials begin to separate and delaminate in summer days. and also in winter due to liquid freezing (from capillary moisture) if the walls are exposed to cold temperatures below zero.

RECOMMENDATION: Company KAZ d.o.o. recommends that if you have decided to carry out construction work on your property, install the PROsystem system before the mentioned works, so that the salts and nitrates that have been deposited in the walls for years can flow back into the ground and so that they are not transferred to new materials.

Capillary damp constantly maintains the moisture level in the walls, and the new materials that are applied contain more concrete and are poorly vapor permeable. The mentioned materials themselves are wet when applied. Because of the moisture inside the wall, high steam pressures are created, which can be expected on summer days, because the walls are not completely dry and are poorly vapor permeable, so the moisture constantly evaporates inside the wall. This is why the material delaminates immediately after application.

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