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How it works

PROsystem works on the basis of electroosmosis, sends pulse waves into the walls and reduces the surface tension of water molecules, i.e. changes the direction of movement of water particles towards the negatively charged soil.

The operation of the system also prevents moisture from rising again. The systems must be permanently installed on the facility and should be taken care of as required by the electronic device.

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Why choose PROsystem

A completely natural and environmentally friendly way to dry capillary moisture

Simple installation

Fast, simple installation without construction interventions and without anodes and wires in the wall structure.

Effective protection

The first results are already visible a few days after the installation of the PROsystem system.

Minimal intervention

PROsystem requires minimal intervention after installation in the room of your building.

Low energy

Dry capillary moisture with minimal electricity costs.

Noiseless work

Prevent the degradation of the building in silence. PROsystem works without noise and sound disturbances.

Doesn't change the design

With dimensions of 150 x 80 x 64 mm, the device fits into any space and does not change its design.

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