PROsystem capillary rising damp elimination system using electro-osmosis has been successfully used for many years. This elimination system is extremely fast and efficient for damp walls affected by capillary damp.

Capillary rising damp elimination with the help of PROsystem is suitable primarily for older buildings without adequate waterproofing, especially for facilities of great cultural and historical value, such as castles, manor houses, religious facilities, museums, and all other buildings regardless of their purpose, which were built prior to using waterproofing materials. The system can also be used for newer buildings with defective waterproofing or in which waterproofing was bridged due to floods, with capillary damp remaining permanently.

How does PROsystem work?

The PROsystem method of drying of all the walls by means of pulsating waves, which also serves as a preventative system for re-emergence of capillary damp, is recommended by architects, as well as restoration and preservation experts.

The first results are visible after only several days and the period required for complete dehydration depends on many factors. Thus, each building is a separate case.

This automatically annuls the capillary phenomenon and leads to a gradual outflow of water from the walls back to the soil. The system also prevents the further occurrence of rising damp.

The system must be permanently installed in the building and it should be maintained in accordance with the requirements of electrical devices.

Finally, the system:
– does not interfere with the structure of the building
– does not require long-term construction works
– is economically justified
– prevents further deterioration and constant renewal of the facility
– enables much easier space heating
– saves heating costs up to 40%
– eliminates health risks and the space quickly becomes adequate to stay in is small in size and fits into showrooms and museums